Dubrovnik, Croatia: All About My Trip

Where we stayed: We found this small, decently priced apartment style stay right off the highway with a gorgeous view of the city and water. We chose this because, besides the obvious of the great view, it was easy to access with our rental car which we knew we would be using a lot. A very sweet woman named Maggie ran the property, she was very helpful in providing directions to get to Old Town and where to eat/what to do when we got there. This place was nothing special, the rooms were very small but it was clean and we felt safe. We don’t really spend any time in the room besides sleeping when we travel so it was perfect for us! I would definitely recommend if you’re looking for an easily accessible, cheap stay. { Apartments Tomas II }

The view from our hotel balcony.

Where we ate: One of my absolute favorite restaurants I have ever been to was the Panorama Restaurant atop the celebrated hill of Srd. There are two options to get to this restaurant: you can take the Dubrovnik Cable Car ride up from Old Town or you can drive. Unfortunately, there was a chance of thunderstorms the night we went so they temporarily stopped the cable car and we had to drive. Although I must say, I really enjoyed the drive up. It was full of breathtaking views and good music. Do be prepared for small, rocky, winding roads if you decide to drive. Immediately upon arrive they made us feel very welcomed and wanted. We were given a choice between a few tables outside, all with spectacular views of Old Town and of course, the water. They had blankets hanging on the back of every chairs and heaters available if needed. All of the staff was extremely nice and attentive and made us feel very comfortable throughout our entire experience. Something that stood out to me was the good music they were playing. The song Imagine by John Lennon will always remember of my date night in Dubrovnik because it was playing at such a perfect moment of pure happiness: good wine, yummy food, my man and a stunning view.

Buza Bar is another must visit in Dubrovnik. This is the bar on the outskirts of the city walls, nestled in the cliff overlooking the water. You can enjoy drinks here while watching the activity (kayaking, swimming, etc.) in the water below. There is a limited beverage selection but its well worth it for the experience. I dare you to jump off the cliffs into the water ?

If you’re looking for a dinner in Old Town, Bistro Revelin serves very yummy food and extensive wine selection paired a great view overlooking the harbor. My suggestion is to stop by the night before to make a reservation for a table along the water under the huge old tree if you can. Definitely order the spicy garlic shrimp appetizer – it won’t disappoint.

This restaurant also has a nightclub called Culture Club Revelin which is inside the city walls. How cool is that?!

Matusko Wine Bar is a really unique spot if you have time to stop by. The bar itself is actually carved into rock which is all exposed on the inside. Very neat.

I always need my fixing of ice cream so we chose Sladoledarna which was delicioussss. I was told all of the locals go there so I had to try it for myself and I was very satisfied. You can find this right on the main road in Old Town.

One place I would NOT recommend is Kamenice. This restaurant was right in the middle of Old Town so the location was prime but everything else was off. The staff was extremely rude and made us feel completely unwanted. The food was also not very good. I would recommend finding a restaurant in the middle of Old Town if you like to be part of the action and people watch over your meal, but try to avoid Kamenice.

What we did: So, I have a confession. I am queen of planning way too much in advanced and then skipping out on it when we get there. Following suit, I bought us tickets to a Game of Thrones guided tour around the City Walls and up to the Fort Lovrijenac (The Red Keep). When we arrived we spent more time walking around on our own and grabbing lunch that we decided to skip the tour and walk it ourselves. I am SO glad we did this. Personally, I hate guided tours. I normally only sign up for them if they’re going to be super historically insightful (because that’s right up Mickey’s alley) or if it gets me access to something I can’t do on my own. In this case, we were able to do everything we would have done on the tour but on our own time. We bought tickets near the entrance of Old Town where the stairs begin and walked around the entire fortress which has a beautiful view of the city inside (King’s Landing in Game of Thrones) as well as the water on the outside. Visit Fort Lovrijenac if you have time, the view of Old Town from up there is awesome. Here is the link to the tour I chose if you would prefer that.

There are some options for kayaking in Old Town which is a fun activity other than the usual eating and drinking. You can chose to go with a guide if that makes you more comfortable or you can go to Banje Beach and rent a 2 person kayak for $15 and take it out without a guide.

I prefer activities over lounging while I am traveling but if lounging is calling your name, spend a day soaking up the sun!

How long we stayed: Depending on how much lounging you’d like to do, I don’t think you need more than a long weekend in this city. You will be able to see all of Old Town in 1-2 days. I would much rather cram my days full of adventure and activities so I am able to see more of other cities but, to each their own!



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