Venice: 8 DON’TS When Traveling to This City

Don’t underestimate the crowds. The amount of tourism in Venice everyday is insane! I had heard that it’s always busy but I don’t think I realized just how busy it actually was until we got there. People were flooding the streets and shops. It was hard to get anywhere quickly because the walkways are small, not to mentions tourists stopped to take photos on every corner. So plan ahead and give yourself plenty of extra time to explore the city. You don’t want to feel rushed during your visit or aggressive towards the large crowds.

Don’t pass up a gondola ride. Sure, you could argue an 80€ ride is unnecessary but I enjoyed every second of it and felt it was 100% worth the cost. We chose to get on at a stop with the route that takes you down the Grand Canal. It also took us through the only canal in the city where the St Mark’s Campanile is visible. It was a great way to see the city (while avoiding the crowds) in a very relaxing and romantic way. Even Mickey admitted he was glad we did it ?

Gondola ride dow the Grand Canal.

Don’t bring a rolling suitcase. We made the mistake of trying to haul our massive, heavy, rolling suitcases through the winding cobblestone paths and over the countless bridges. It was a disaster and we looked like fools! If you are staying overnight, make sure your hotel is able to transport your luggage for you. We came from a ferry and weren’t staying overnight in the city so we had to handle our own luggage.  If this is will be the case for you, my suggestion would be to try a backpack duffel if you are traveling on your own (my favorite suitcase to travel with). 

Don’t leave any personal belongings unattended. Always be aware of your purse, backpack, camera, wallet, phone, etc. With the crowds being so large and congested, it’s a pick pocketer’s gold mine. I like to use a cross body bag when traveling so I can keep it strapped across my body with the purse in front of me rather than to the side or back. This way I can always see it and make sure my valuables are safe. Fanny packs have also made their way back in style and these are a great option for traveling as well. Whether you prefer to wear it across your shoulder or wrapped around your waist, they will keep your valuables safer than a backpack or pocket.

Don’t settle for the first restaurant you find with availability. My assumption was: this is Italy, anywhere will be great. I was wrong. We stopped at some random restaurant along the canal, which yes, had a pretty view, but the food was very subpar. We should have known by the amount of open tables that this wasn’t the place to eat – we we’re just too hungry to wait. I’m always disappointed when I waste a meal in a foreign country because I only get so many. 

Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes. This city requires a lot of walking (considering there are no cars) and with all of the crowds, you should plan to be on your feet a lot. Be sure you aren’t wearing heels that will make it hard to walk on the cobblestone streets.

Don’t catch the bus last minute. We we’re rushing to catch the public bus to the airport and just made it in time. Little did we know, it was going to be completely full with people, leaving very little room for us and our luggage. If you know you’ll have to take the bus somewhere, especially the airport, plan ahead and get in line ahead of time to secure enough room for yourself. 

Don’t plan too much ahead of time. Similar to visiting any city, you definitely want to do your due diligence beforehand and come up with some key activities you’d like to do/see. If you’re like me, you want to have every minute of every day completely booked up and mapped out. We can’t help it. But have you noticed that traveling almost never goes exactly as planned? I end up skipping out on tours I previously bought tickets for. I end up missing reservations I booked. I end up spending way more time at a site that I didn’t expect to have interest in. The point is, this city is full is rich history, culture and beauty – you will find plenty to explore when you arrive.


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