Rovinj, Croatia: My Favorite Airbnb to Date

Mickey and I’s road trip along the coast of Croatia is one of my favorite travel memories. We started south in Dubrovnik and made our way up to the northern tip of the country where we ended in Rovinj. I had never heard of Rovinj prior to doing research for this trip and let me just say, it is a severely underrated destination.

Rovinj is a small fishing town on the western coast of the northern Istrian peninsula of Croatia. With it being so close to the Italian border, 50% of its locals are actually Italian. The narrow, cobblestone streets are lined with colorful houses, boutique shops and delicious restaurants (many of which are Italian food).

Our Airbnb was one of the houses facing out over the water, with a perfect view of the Adriatic Sea and the port. It was a cozy, studio apartment equipped with more than enough of what was needed for our weekend stay. The host, Ivanka, was very responsive and pleasant to work with.

Words cannot describe how in love I am with Rovinj and the perfect apartment we found within in. We both agreed that our trip to Rovinj wouldn’t have been the same had we not stayed where we did. From the central location to the stunning view – there was nothing I would change about it. One evening after buying cheeses, bread and wine at the market, we took a picnic to the rocks to the Bunker to watch sunset. Ivanka’s place had cutting boards, wine glasses, cloth napkins and everything else we needed for our picnic.

There is something so magical about Rovinj. The intimate setting, inviting locals, great food and amazing views make for a perfect getaway.


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