Paris 4-Day Itinerary: The Wanderluxe


See Paris as I would.



The Wanderluxe is a curated 4-day Paris itinerary designed to give you the ultimate Parisian experience. This itinerary is a harmonious blend of the classic and the contemporary, the iconic and the undiscovered. It’s a journey through the heart of Paris, where you’ll explore world-renowned landmarks while also stumbling upon hidden gems that only a seasoned traveler would know.

Each day is detailed with what to see, where to eat & drink and where to explore. With this itinerary, expect to indulge in a culinary adventure, with restaurant recommendations that range from chic bistros to local favorites. You’ll have ample time to wander the cobblestone streets, sip coffee at charming cafés, and soak in the city’s timeless allure. Yet, you’ll also hit all the must-see spots, ensuring you leave with a comprehensive understanding of what makes Paris so magical.


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