Guide to Booking the Perfect Airbnb for You

When it comes to budgeting and saving money while traveling, personally, I would rather spend most of my money on adventures and seeing as many places as possible. This is why I try to spend the least amount of money on where I stay at night, and most of the time it is just that – where I stay at night. During the day I am out exploring and rarely spend time wherever I am sleeping, so why spend a lot of money on it?

We are lucky that Airbnb has become such a popular option for overnight stays while traveling, especially internationally. Trying to find the perfect Airbnb to suit your needs during your stay can be overwhelming, so I try to follow these few steps when beginning my search:

  1. Learn the Area – Research what you’ll want to do while you’re visiting. What sights are a must see? What restaurants do you want to try? This will give you a better idea of where you want your Airbnb to be located. Personally, I like to be within walking distance of as much as possible to avoid public transportation, Ubers, or Taxis. I have also found that by researching where the popular sights/hotels/restaurants/etc. are within the city, I have a much better understanding of where the popular & urban areas are located. If a rural setting is more desirable for you, now you know what not to look for 😉
  2. Set a Price Range – Airbnb has some really beautiful luxury stays available for booking. Once I see something luxurious, I want it and nothing can quite compare to it. I try not to distract myself or waste time sifting through places that I cannot afford by setting a maximum cost per night. This also helps me stay focused on what is most important to spend money on, which is not where I will be sleeping at night.
  3. Read the Reviews – Other Airbnb users speak the truth, listen to them. The Airbnb owners can make a listing look far more desirable and luxurious than it is in reality. I never book a stay without first reading through a few reviews to make sure that previous travelers have been satisfied with their stay.
  4. Prioritize Your Needs – More times than not, I rarely spend much time in my Airbnb other than to sleep while I am traveling. Because of this, a smaller space is all I need. I also don’t focus too much on the quality knowing that I will not be spending much time there anyways. There are a few occasions where I am booking a trip where I will be spending majority of my time at the Airbnb. If that is the case I look for a big beautiful kitchen because I love to cook, enough beds for all my friends and family to accompany me, and preferred amenities. For example, Mickey loves to play basketball so I look for a house with a basketball hoop. Or If I am going skiing for a weekend, I make sure the property has access to ski in/ski out.

One more thing to add – I am a sucker for a good view. Nothing beats some large windows with a beautiful view of wherever I may be. Whether it is on a beach looking out to the water, or deep in a city with a close up of the buildings surrounding me. However, I try not to let myself get too caught up in this view and remind myself that I won’t be seeing it that much (tip #4). It’s tough to say no when you come across an outstanding Airbnb that is just a little outside your price range (tip #2). Once in awhile I definitely splurge but I try not to always justify spending that little extra because it adds up, so just remember to keep what is important in mind!


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